helping entrepreneurs to build success stories.


helping entrepreneurs to build success stories.

Juuri Partners is an innovative Finnish private equity company, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth focused companies a new business development and financing concept which combines active minority ownership and debt financing.

Juuri Partners supports entrepreneurs in developing and growing their companies as a provider of financing and as an external strategy and business development sparring partner. The entrepreneurs continue as majority owners in the companies in which we invest in, benefitting from the mutually achieved shareholder value creation.

Juuri Partners, as the advisor to Juuri Fund, screens for new target companies, makes investments into target companies, develops target companies as an active owner as well as executes exits of the target companies on behalf of the Fund. Juuri Fund’s limited partners are large Finnish institutional investors.

Juuri is Finnish and means the root of a plant. Juuri Partners’ target companies are established businesses looking for growth with a goal to prosper, just like a plant with solid roots is pushing for growth and eventually blossoms.


Our approach

Our approach

Juuri Partners is an engaged financing and business development partner for established Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises. Juuri supports the owners and management of portfolio companies in comprehensive strategy and business development including, inter alia, active engagement in the Board of Directors work and extensive support of day-to-day operations.

The financing structures and instruments needed to fuel the portfolio companies' growth are always tailored from the companies' development perspective. The offered support covers situations such as:

Business development and eliminating barriers to growth

Financing of growth investments

Significant changes in ownership structures


Eliminating working capital challenges relating to growth


Enhancing refinancing capabilities


The financing provided for target companies typically amounts to EUR 2-8 million with a maturity of 2-4 years, tailored to the requirements of the target company. The financing is combined with controlled minority ownership.

Juuri Partners in deeply engaged with its portfolio companies, sharing a strong mutual interest to develop the company and create shareholder value along with the majority owners.

Juuri Partners follows international industry guidelines and standards in portfolio company valuations and reporting.


corporate responsibility

corporate responsibility

Juuri Partners is committed to be a responsible investor and owner. The objective of our corporate responsibility efforts is to develop more value creative, growth-oriented and responsible companies to the Finnish society.

Corporate responsibility is integrated into our investment process, ownership agenda and reporting. The objective of our investment operations is to create long-term shareholder value by linking corporate responsibility themes to the strategic goals of our portfolio companies.

As an active minority owner, we have the opportunity to directly influence the corporate responsibility issues of our portfolio companies. However, our portfolio companies are SMEs and we need to scope our responsibility work in accordance with our portfolio companies' resources and materiality of the responsibility issues. Our systematic approach to monitoring and management of material corporate responsibility issues is fundamental to our shareholder value driven agenda as a shareholder of our portfolio companies.

Partner Tapani Varjas is responsible for our corporate responsibility function.

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Juuri Partners’ team consists of four founding partners and three professionals, all of which have an extensive knowledgebase supporting the fund’s operations. The team’s expertise covers business development, board work, business management, marketing & brand building, financing, mergers & acquisitions and private equity investing.


Samuli has been engaged in the financial sector during his entire career, serving as a CEO for two different companies during the past 8 years. Samuli has extensive experience in the initiation, growing and selling of businesses. He has served on the boards of numerous companies since early 90’s when he served as the Chairman in a family company. Samuli has been in the private equity industry over a decade and he acts as the CEO of Juuri Partners Oy, the advisor to Juuri Fund.



Markus has versatile over 20 years’ experience as entrepreneur, consultant and professional manager in business development and management. He has a strong background in especially sales, marketing and brand building. Markus is responsible for the analysis of target companies, supporting the target companies’ strategy work, business development and change management as well as monitoring the implementation of development programs in the target companies.



Anita has over 20 years’ experience in debt and equity financing of mergers & acquisitions. She is an experienced company analyst and has strong sectoral and financing expertise. Anita is responsible for the financial analysis of target companies, investment structure planning, implementation of financing arrangements, financial follow-up & monitoring, refinancing and exit preparations.




Tapani has extensive over 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, minority ownership, corporate governance and risk management. Tapani is responsible for the development of corporate governance, M&A and financing documentation, risk management and shareholder value creation through management of corporate responsibility in the investment activities.


Hanna has extensive experience in comprehensive company analysis as well as from financing mergers & acquisitions with different debt instruments. Hanna is responsible for target company analyses, implementation of financing arrangements and target company monitoring & follow-up.


Tommi has experience in investment banking both mergers & acquisitions and IPOs & equity offerings as well as strong background in strategy and market analyses. Tommi supports target companies in strategy implementation and produces market analyses.


Joni has over 20 years’ experience in demanding finance positions in domestic and foreign companies. He is experienced Management team member and has been responsible of Finance, Administration, Logistics and IT functions. He has strong background in internal and external accounting, reporting, budgeting/forecasting and cost accounting. Joni is responsible for the portfolio company Finance, Admin, IT and Reporting development.


Board of Directors

Juuri Partners’ Board of Directors consists of three external members and one of Juuri Partners’ Partners. When choosing members of the Board, we have sought extensive expertise especially in strategic and operative management, entrepreneurship, finance, reputation management as well as media relations.


 Background: Paroc (Chairman of the Board), SRV (CEO), Finnair (CEO), Stockmann (Deputy CEO)

Strengths: Board work, management, strategy, internationalisation, retail and real estate.

Why Juuri? Several growth companies’ bottleneck is financing. Juuri Partners diversifies SMEs’ financial instruments to present days’ standards. Our participation as a minority shareholder enables full time focus on business development for entrepreneurs.


Background: Pohjoisranta Burson-Marsteller (CEO, Partner), Wallstreet Financial Services (Board Member), Erweko (Board Member) 

Strengths: Reputation management and risks, corporate communication, crisis communication, investor communication and board work.

Why Juuri? There are private equity companies and private equity companies – Juuri’s mission is to grow and develop successful SMEs, exactly what Finland needs right now.


PERTTI korhonen

Background: DNA (Chairman of the Board), Outotec (CEO), Elektrobit (CEO), Nokia (CTO, Member of the Executive Board), Nokia Mobile Phones (EVP, Operations Logistics, Sourcing), positions as a Member of the Board in several public listed companies (Ahlström, Rautaruukki, Elisa, QPR)

Strengths:  Technology and software business, product and project business, digitalization, international business, corporate responsibility

Why Juuri?  Juuri has a strong mission to help Finnish SMEs in rapid growth in co-operation with the entrepreneur. This is what Finland needs now.

topi paananen

Background: Peikko Group (CEO), Foxconn, Eimo, Akzo Nobel

Strengths:  Entrepreneurship and family entrepreneurship, leadership, internationalization and growth

Why Juuri?  Juuri’s strategy to finance and support the growth companies is certainly suitable for both family businesses and businesses aiming for international markets. Through Juuri, I will be able to provide my expertise and experience to Finnish SMEs.


Target companies

Target companies


Our target is to invest in circa 15 growth focused SMEs with approximately EUR 5 - 50 million in revenue. We are seeking for healthy businesses: the product and/or service are competitive in the long-term, the business is well positioned in its competitive environment and the industry outlook is stable or growing. The entrepreneurs are willing to reach the next level – to develop their businesses in order to be able to grow and to commit to mutually agreed business plan in order to achieve these objectives.





KAS-Telineet offers high-quality scaffolding and weather protection services for construction and industrial applications. The company started its operations 1983 and its revenue in 2016 was EUR 5.3 m. Juuri has supported the management executing the company’s growth strategy since the fall of 2015.


Founded in 1960, Valioravinto is Finland’s oldest health product company. The company’s net sales were EUR 8.8 m in 2016. In connection with a succession Juuri partnered with the third generation entrepreneur in 2016.



Puuha Group is an award-winning playground, sports and outdoor equipment company. Juuri partnered with the entrepreneurs in 2016 to support the company’s growth strategy. In 2016, the company’s net sales were EUR 4.9 m.


N-Clean is a cleaning service company operating nationwide in Finland and in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s net sales were EUR 25.6 m in 2016. Juuri invested in the company in 2016.



Attido develops solutions that allow companies to devote more time and resources in their core business by increasing the efficiency of work and decision-making through the automation of day-to-day routines and processes. The company offers also services in the development and maintenance of financial administration, ERP systems and analytics solutions. The company's revenue was EUR 10 m in 2016. Juuri invested in the company in 2016.


Destaclean is a company specialized in recycling of construction and packaging materials. It promotes recycling of materials by receiving and sorting waste and developing recycled materials and products. The company had a turnover of EUR 8.5 million in 2016. Juuri joined to support company's growth in spring 2017.



Founded in 1962, Hydroline is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and providing life cycle services for hydraulic cylinders. Juuri has supported the execution of the company’s growth strategy since 2017. In 2016, the company’s net sales were EUR 36 m.





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